Well rock Cottage

In 1936 my Great Grandmother bought a house on the beach in Massachusetts. Decades later my family still owns the property known now as the "Well Rock Cottage". My grandmother turned the once vacation house into her year round home and has lived there my entire life. My brother and I grew up about a mile away from the cottage up until college. In 2015 my mother moved in my grandmother to help take care of her and the property.

The original "Well Rock Cottage" was destroyed in the Blizzard of '78 and rebuilt in the summer of '79, before then in 1863 it was transformed from a fishing shack to a house. With my cousins starting to have children we are now on the 4th generation to enjoy on the cottage. Growing up I slept under a painted sea and always found comfort being on the beach. The past few years have been trying for my family with multiple deaths and illnesses. Each year though we still gather on holidays and long summer days to enjoy each others company and get away from the stress of life off the beach.