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Photos from the '17/18 Season. Formats include iPhone 6, 35mm and medium format film thus far. A variety of color, black and white and slide film shot through a various SLR's, Rangefinders and Point and Shoot cameras both on and off the mountain. My focus this season is to experiment with different film and camera combinations while capturing more of the in-between moments of the shred life.

Snowboarding took over my life when I was about 11 or 12. I had been skateboarding since I was in 4th grade and picked up snowskating just after then. My parents put me on ski's when I was 2 years old and I've been bombing mountains ever since.

I taught snowboarding at Blue Hills Ski Area for a decade and was also a snow reporter for Wachusett Mountain during the ’16/17 season.

What I love most about snowboarding is the life you build around it. Who you ride with, that mountain you grew up on, traditions and superstitions (Don't call last run), and the freeing feeling the first few turns of the day give. Shredding as much as possible is my goal from early Fall to the farthest into the Spring the East Coast can manager to push. 

Below you'll find photos on and off the mountain, shred related items and a couple videos.

For real time updates follow @niklasweikert on instagram.

- ShredSoHard.


Photos from the '16/17 Season. Featuring mostly iPhone photos. This season we switched from riding Maine and New Hampshire to almost exclusively Vermont (and Blue Hills of course). I worked at both Blue Hills and Wachusett and broke my record for number of days on the board.

Total shred days: 56

I find the lifestyle of a Ski Bum fascinating. I will with no doubt at some point in my life be a Ski Bum. Until I'm ready to go full Monty on that I'll be in the city escaping to the mountains whenever possible. I like to consider myself a professional casual rider. By that I mean, I feel like I have a good handle on my board and I've taught somewhere in the hundreds of people how to snowboard over ten years, but I am terrible with riding in the park. I'm the first to admit I'm cautious as all hell and although I will push myself to learn and try new things, the park is never something I excelled at. As a result I've become interested in all the other little aspects of snowboard culture. I look to capture those feeling of belly laughs on the chairlift, a fresh 6" the night before, smooth and slow 180s, and those first chair, last chair days (with no lines).


Editing snowskate and skateboard videos with my brother in elementary school got me interested in the capabilities of video. I remember sitting in front of my mom's G4 making edits on iMovie with "footage" from a Canon Powershot I had when I was 10 and 11. When I was in high school I saw Mack Dawg Productions "Picture This" and it was the first snowboard film that struck me cinematically. After getting a video capable DSLR I started working on short edits from days and nights at Blue Hills. At the start of the 15/16 season I started using my phone to document on a daily basis and reserved the camera for more planned out sessions. Using the phone for small edits allows for more natural reactions and carries a far lighter profile then any other camera I own at the moment. Below is a mix of quick phones edits for Instagram, Freelance Recaps and Snow Reports for Wachusett Mountain.