The following images are from the 15/16 shred season. From the months of October to May we did anything we could to ride while battling one of the driest winters we've experienced.

Fast Grassin', Ice Sliding, Pow Searching, Tree Dodging, Car Sleeping, "Sick Daying", Beer Drinking, Snow Praying

States Shredded: MA, NH, ME, VT. Approximate Day Count: 54 (NW) & 106 (NB). Miles Driven: 6,000 miles over my lease limit.

Visit my blog to see shreds from the '16/17 season.


Blue Hills Ski Area, Canton, MA

I met Nick Block in 2006 at our training course to become snowboard instructors at Blue Hills. I was 14 and Nick was 15. Blue Hills has shaped our shred style. Were all just one big family. It's a  small mountain but its big in my heart.

Behind the Shred

Here you'll find what goes on off the mountain. The drives, the views, the struggles, alternative sleeping locations, other activities filling the shred void, the passion; The Shred Life