Artist Portraits

In the Summer of '17 I took a walk with Avenue around Cambridge. I had just started shooting film again after a small sabbatical from the medium. We chatted about his career plans, his family and life in general, all while snapping a few photos along the way. We spent maybe an hour or so together and walked away with a full roll to be developed. This became the formula for my future portrait sessions. Minimal planning except a starting location and which film stock we wanted to use. Most of my sessions I keep to strictly film unless an extremely quick turn around time is needed. I talk with each artist before hand about the look and style their looking for and choose which film I use accordingly. I hand develop all the black and white film I use and scan each roll by hand to have a hands on process the entire time. My goal as I move forward with this project is to create more personal photographs of each artist that get behind their public facing image and show the person behind the music. This project is still in the works and will be expanding over the next few months. The photos below are my personal favorites from each session and below that you can find more photos from each session.

ETS - Emmanuel The Saint

ETS and I met outside a concert in 2015. We both had heard of each other and were fans of each others work the months prior to us actually meeting. Fast forward a few years of running into each other at shows and we finally decided to get together and do some portraits. ETS came down to MA from NH on a rainy November morning. This was my first session using my new Fuji GW690ii so I was fairly excited and I even broke out the Polaroid SX70 for a few shots. We spent a few hours walking/driving around Allston and circled back to my apartment just as it got dark. We shot a few rolls and walked away with some great photos between a good diversity of film stocks. That's a good session if you ask me.

You can find ETS' music by following this link: ETS on Soundcloud

Mike Wing

Where do I start with Mike Wing? Mike is a great friend, he's always smiling, wicked fun to be around and knows when to goof off and when to get down to work and thats what I like about him. The first half of these photos are from when we filmed his video "Yada Yay" which we filmed in 43minutes in my abandoned college with a bottle of tequila. Inbetween takes I'd make Mike take a shot or two to loosen him up. Did I also mention this was Mid-August on one of the hottest days in a room with no open windows? He was a champ about it though and it's one of my favorite videos we've worked on together. I also tossed in a photo of Mike and myself in there since it was on the same roll. The second half of these photos was from a more tradition shoot we did in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. I've rambled on enough already though so hope you enjoy the photos and email me if you want the full story on the second half.

You can find Mike's Music here: Mike Wing on Spotify