HIp-Hop Weekends

This weekend was %100 dedicated to the local music scene and %85 dedicated to Hip-Hop. Started off Friday with a dope tribute to J-Dilla at a basement show. Saturday was "The Shift" at Mass Apparel where Lightfoot made beats live for 8 hours. Then Sunday we filmed a cover video, photographed a lecture by Duck Down Music's James Niche and then covered STL GLD's listening party all at The Bridge Sound and Stage. 

Boston has an amazing music scene and I urge all that are not hip to get hip. I have gained many friends through music and many whom I'd consider family. Thank you to all, last night there was something in the air and I think we all know we are apart of something bigger. Much love everyone.

I made a small promo for the STL GLD listening party (above) and snapped a few pictures at each event (below). I decided to put the weekend in B/W. It's not too often I shoot/edit in black and white but it just felt right. So I did it and I like it. 

My business partner Lee is currently working on "The Shift" video recap and later tonight the cover video we filmed on Saturday will be released. I'll update with both as they are released.

Niklas Weikert