Converse Rubber Tracks with STL GLD


I got the chance to sit in with STL GLD (Moe Pope, The Arcitype and Chris Talken) during their session at the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Boston. I've photographed STL GLD multiple times between concerts and recording sessions but what was unique about this day was that they weren't recording at the Bridge Sound and Stage; The Arcitypes own studio. It seemed to give Arc the freedom of not worrying about manning the boards and being able to totally focus on crafting his beat. This wasn't the only twist though, Moe Pope laid down a guitar line to start the day off and the session ended up with one of the engineers being persuaded into whistling on the track. The day was filled with free coffee, 'Gannsetts and lots of laughs. We finished off  at The Bridge Sound and Stage with a few more homies and a little bit of organ playing.

Niklas Weikert