Day 5 - Stratton

12/03/16 - Went to my brother's house the night before to work on our Iceland book. Sorted through 3 days pulling out selects and decided that we're going to return to Iceland for part 2.

12/04/16 - Woke up around 5:13am and left at 5:30am. Erik picked up his pass and I bought a Strattitude pass. Got on the gondi at 9:30am-ish. The top was covered in fog and they were blowing the guns. This was Erik's first day back and I'd say it was a good day to return. Snow was great, not too crowded, didn't wait in lift lines for too long. Shredded the few trails they had open and found some good side hits. My brother is one of my favorite people to ride with, his style is dope and it's inspiring to see hit rip the trail apart laying down deep carves and bombing anything on the side he finds. Last run we saw Nick training on the bunny hill, decided to cut over and say whats up except I only had one foot in and I didn't see how many rocks were under the thin snow cover. I bombed over and ended up hitting a patch and eating shit. Non the less, said whats up then met him in the lot for a beer. I had saved two Headytoppers for Erik and I's first shred day together, Nick had a High Life. Sorry bud. ShredSoHard.

Notes From the Shred:

Niklas Weikert