LFOD Radio - State of New England Hip-Hop #2

LFOD radio is a show on WMFO 91.5FM that focuses on the local Hip-Hop scene and is hosted by Uncle Sam. I've been documenting the past few weeks which has been a discussion on the state of New England Hip-Hop. The guests on the first week were all industry heads; managers, bloggers, promoters etc. This week was artists themselves had a chance to voice their opinion on the matter. M-Dot, Latrell James and Lotus joined Uncle Sam and shared their thoughts on New England Hip-Hop and also gave some background on how they got to where they are today. I've met all these artist before but don't really associate them with each other. I actually  filmed a music video with Latrell awhile back (Link). I've photographed both M-Dot and Lotus before, most recently at Hoop-Hop 2016. It was nice to hear these three who are all at different points in their careers have a discussion together.

Looking forward to the next week at LFOD, make sure to tune in every Tuesday on WMFO 91.5FM or you can stream it (Link).

**No Photos of Latrell because he phoned in**

If you ever miss and episode Sam is nice enough to toss 'em on the LFOD Soundcloud (Link).

Niklas Weikert