Emancipator @ The Sinclair

Emancipator has crept through my speakers since high school. It's a little personal tradition of mine to listen to "Soon it will be cold enough..." on the first snowfall of each year. Emancipator  has soundtracked many rides up north to go shred and many late night photo editing sessions for me.  

Needless to say I was hyped when I was contacted to shoot his show in Boston on 12/08 @ The Sinclair, a venue I hadn't photographed before. Uncle Sam @ LFOD radio had Emanc on the airwaves for an interview the Tuesday before which I was excited to be able to set up. You can listen to the interview here

The day of the show was a  tough day for me personally though. A family member's funeral was only hours before they hit the stage but if there's anything that helps me through tough times, its music and photography. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Niklas Weikert