Tim Nihan - LFOD Radio

Tuesday was an exciting day. Started off by meeting up with Tim Nihan and Lightfoot at the Bridge Sound and Stage to take some photos during the session. By far Tim Nihan is one of my favorite artists out right now and I can tell you the music he's working on is something else, keep your ears peeled. Finished up the session at 4pm and then went to a spot in Somerville to do some test footage and then we drove around and discussed Tim's music and his plans for the future. Could of ended the day right there, except it got better.

Sat in on the LFOD radio show that Uncle Sam puts on each Tuesday (91.5FM, 7-8pm stream it here). This weeks show was called "The State of New England Hip-Hop" featuring Dart Adams, Justice Born, Tim Larew and Bedlam (all key players in the Boston Hip-Hop scene) as special guests. The discussion was very interesting and if you want to take a listen follow this link. As interesting as the discussion on the air was, the conversation continued after the show in a room surrounded old radio press vinyls, I live for those conversations. I'll stop talking now, check the photos, peep the notes. Peace,

Notes on The Day:

Niklas Weikert